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From Jeff Stuart <>
Subject RE: OT: whither are we going?
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 17:12:27 GMT
AHH Thank You Peter, yes... that was the the one thing I forgot to

The problem is the APPEARANCE of Apache being dead.  IE it's publicly
stated that no new features will be added to the 1.3 branch.  But yet..
no 2.0.  QED, if one isn't following this list (and many people don't.
:)) then it would appear that Apache is dead.  As Peter says, a leader
needs to step forward and IMHO also make a PR announcement.  IE give
SOME kind of release date for Apache 2.0 beta, say "These features must
be in Apache 2.0." whatever but SOMETHING to show that the project is
alive and that people can still COUNT on Apache in the future.

Roy, however, I do think that there is an implied responsibility for
apache since so much of the Internet USES it.  IMNSHO the Apache
community is NOT just the developers.  It also includes people/companies
that USE apache as their web server.  It ALSO includes the people who
HOST their sites at these companies!  You can of course disagree with
me.  That's your opinion. :)  IMHO saying otherwise is a slap in the
face to everyone who uses/depends on Apache.  Of all the programs I
use/depends (Apache, PHP, Perl, Mysql, mod_perl, Gnome) only here have I
seen that attitude that the USERS of a program do not matter.  That is
disturbing and smacks of an attitude that I thought we had weeded out of
Computer Science back with the "death" of the mainframes and card
readers.  IMNSHO when I write a program even if it's for one other
person, I have a responsibility to that person to maintain it and fix
the bugs in it that crop up.  And yes, I have gotten phone calls from
someone that I did work for 10 years ago.  And yes, I DID fix the
problems that they had.  If nothing else, it's just good business and
just decent.  

On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 10:52, Peter J. Cranstone wrote:
> Roy,
> " People outside the community can only influence what they do by
> performing the work necessary to eventually be considered part of the
> community, or by paying someone within the community to do it for them."
> I agree with you, however I think what everyone is looking for is
> leadership. Stop the feature creep, decide what is necessary to get to
> RC and then release a finished version.
> Will the real person in charge of Apache 2.0 standup... it can't be a
> democracy anymore, there has to be leadership. Apache is losing ground
> to IIS like or not. 2.0 is important to the community, so someone needs
> to lay down the law (that should be you) and say here are a set of
> guidelines for the beta release of 2.x
> Once people see leadership then the final part of your email will be
> realized (i.e. The only responsibility we have is to keeping the
> community open to new volunteers. (which will never happen without
> leadership).
> .... Peter J. Cranstone

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