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From "David Hill" <>
Subject Trying to do a staged install with httpd2
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 20:01:38 GMT

    I am trying to do a "staged install", that is build, then install into a location other
than the intended final directory.

    This means that I want to build with prefix=/mypath, to install into /elsewhere/mypath,
and then at a later time, copy the bits into place on the tacget machine in /mypath and (of
course) have everything work :-)

    A lot of open sourcepackages support an environment variable DESTDIR, which is set in
the installation phase (to /elsewhere in my example) but which is not set during the build
phase so built in paths are still ok. Apache 1.3 allows you to set the environment variable
root=/elsewhere to achieve this effect.

So with Apache 1.3 I can
    configure --prefix=/myplace
    make all
    root=/elsewhere make install
and the right thing happens.

I have been trying to hack DESTDIR/root support into httpd2 (2.0.32) without much sucess at
all. Due to the number of packages (apr and apr-util for example), I seem to be getting close,
but never quite there.

Am I missing a way to do this that is already in place ? If not, any hope of getting something
like this added in ?

    Dave Hill

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