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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0 STATUS
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 19:58:25 GMT

  thanks for the update!

  But let's consider this, instead.  Create an 'info' shm (like Havard has),
that contains all the goodies about the parent, and has room for the child
to 'talk back' at the parent.  These include listeners, the score shm handle,
logfile handles or whatever.

  Fill it with Parent handles.  Give every child an inherited handle to the
parent with _all_ permissions along with an inherited handle to this shm
(and perhaps a lock handle as well.)  Each child duplicates the parent's 
handles into it's own space, then for security, closes the _all_ permissions 
handle to the parent.

  Now the child can't harm the parent, it finished all the work of sharing
the handles (leaving the parent free to be spawning more than one child, at
some point in the future), a single list of the handles can be used by all
the processes, and they can deposit notes in the shm.


       * Win32: Rotatelogs sometimes is not terminated when Apache
>          goes down hard.  FirstBill was looking at possibly tracking the 
>          child's-child processes in the parent process.
>   -        OtherBill asks, wasn't this fixed?
>   -        OtherBill asks again, what is the status?
>   +        OtherBill asks, wasn't this fixed? 
>   + stoddard: Not fixed. Shared scoreboard might offer a good
>   + way for the parent to keep track of 'other child' processes
>   + and whack them if the child goes down.
>        * Win32: Add a simple hold console open patch (wait for close or
>            the ESC key, with a nice message) if the server died a bad 

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