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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Apache 1.3 built in log rotation...
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 22:37:12 GMT

> Is is enough for us to simply #ifdef these changes in mod_log_config.c
> or would you rather see a separate logging module?  Except for the
> addition of these two directives, everything else works for us.

I would personally like to see a separate logging module, because it
makes it less likely that somebody else would want to put log rotation
into mod_log_config.


> Brad
> Brad Nicholes
> Senior Software Engineer
> Novell, Inc., a leading provider of Net business solutions
> >>> "Ryan Bloom" <> Wednesday, February 27, 2002
> 3:28:25 PM >>>
> > Like I mentioned before, on NetWare we can't use a piped log because
> the
> > NetWare OS doesn't support pipes.  A cron job is also a problem
> because
> > we don't have that either.  Since Apache created the log file,
> writes
> to
> > the log file, formats the output and closes the log file, is it that
> big
> > of a leap to have it rotate the log file as well?
> It always has been in the past.  The thing is that the web server
> should
> be serving pages, not mucking with log files.  The other thing is that
> rotation is going to need to be different on different platforms.  How
> does Windows handle it if you try to rotate a log file in the middle
> of
> writing to the log.  There is definitely a race condition there, where
> you are writing a message in one thread, and another thread moves the
> file out of the way?
> I really think that if NetWare can't use the current mod_log_config
> then
> I think you need to write a NetWare specific logging module.
> Ryan

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