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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Random languages for (fwd)
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2002 20:06:36 GMT
From: "Joshua Slive" <>
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 12:49 PM

> Although I agree with the general sentiment, and I don't particularly object
> to changing the default ForceLanguagePriority, this situation is a little
> different.
> The ForceLanguagePriority controls an ADDED feature.  I don't think it is
> bad to ask people to make config changes between versions to take advantage
> of new features.  What is wrong is that the default behavior in the absence
> of the directive was also changed when the directive was added.  This
> shouldn't have happened.


> So I think the minimum that should be done is this:
> 1. Add ForceLanguagePriority to httpd.conf on (to take advantage
> of the new feature that allows us to get rid of "No Acceptable Variant"
> messages).

Yes - +1 [for the errors/ folder, especially.  -0 for others.]

> 2. Change the code so that, just as in 1.3, LanguagePriority is ALWAYS used
> if no Accept-Language request header is present, regardless of teh
> ForceLanguagePriority directive.  There is no other sensible thing to do in
> this case, so there is no point making it configurable.

-1 - you are asking us to keep working against the HTTP/1.1 rfc.  If they have
a multilanguage site and wish to strictly enforce FLP None [fixing the other 
brokeness and actually prompting for their desired language from the availble
languages] that's acceptable.  However...

> If people also want to change the default to ForceLanguagePriority so that
> this new feature is enabled by default, that is fine with me.

++1 for FLP defaults that mirror 1.3 :)))

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