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From "Jobarr" <>
Subject Re: Using Apache 1.3 modules with 2.0 was Re: Please help kill httpd-2.0 bugs...
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 18:23:45 GMT
> > In that case we should simply make the error more descriptive:
> >
> > "Failed to load module. Perhaps this module was compiled for Apache
> Ugh.  Then, +1 for Aaron's comment.

A "Failed to load" message of any kind is MUCH better than "module not
found", as that leads to thinking that the FILE is not there as opposed to
just being invalid. I had that problem with a PHP module that was compiled
against a different build of Apache and wouldn't load. It took my a while to
realize that the problem was the file, not that Apache couldn't find the

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