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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: 2.0.32 as GA candidate? Re: [PROPOSAL] 2.0.32 beta announcement
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 05:46:26 GMT

> Bill Stoddard wrote:
> >Design and implementation of Apache 2.0 is nearing completion. Module
> >authors are encouraged to review the Apache 2.0 API and share any
> >concerns with the Apache development team at
> >This is your best opportunity to ensure that your issues are
> >addressed prior to an Apache 2.0 General Availability release.
> >
> >Bill sez... 2.0.32 may very well be our first GA release...
> >
> I have one concern about 2.0.32 as a GA candidate.
> In order to fix the last of the performance problems
> in 2.0.x, we'll need to incorporate free lists for
> buckets (the stuff that Cliff is working on).  I'm
> assuming that the bucket free list will require API
> changes.  If so, then it would be difficult for 3rd
> party module maintainers if we announced a 2.0.32 GA
> release, with bucket-brigade-based filter support as
> one of its major new features relative to 1.3, and then
> released 2.0.33 or .34 with API changes to the bucket
> code shortly thereafter.

I have a pretty major concern about releasing .32 as a GA product.  We
haven't had a whole lot of beta's.  I would really like to get this beta
into a lot of people's hands, and hopefully get our next release to be a
GA release.  I think that the best way to do this, is to send a message
to when we release .32.  The message to krow should
suggest that we believe that we are close to a GA product, but that we
want to get this beta into as many hands as possible.  Krow is the guy
who posts Apache news to Slashdot.  If he mentions that in the /. post,
a lot of should download and test, and we can feel more confidant about
the quality of this release.


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