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From "Udcsweb2" <>
Subject Members of
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 07:55:11 GMT

  My name is Johan van den Berg.  I am a programmer that started off on the wrong foot (BASIC)
when I was just 13 years old.  I started programming in Pascal when I was 15, as this is the
language taught at our schools.  After becoming fluent in OP, I went for a course on C/C++
& DELPHI.  Because of my previous knowledge on PASCAL, I when more vigurously into the
DELPHI environment, until I met LINUX.  Since then I had the longing to know C to such an
extent as to program intensively on LINUX.  Throuh my exercise on Linux, I began to know the
operating system extremely well.  I could install anything, configure anything, etc.  The
only thing I still couldn't catch was the programming part.  Partly because I was taught C
with the Borland libraries, and partly because I had no clue as to what a makefile was and
how to use and write. :)

Three months ago I started working for the University of South Africa, working on a product
called SOL (Students On-Line).  I was to find out that the whole site was running on Netscape
Web Server, on a very old Silicone Graphics machine, running the IRIX OS. Part of my work,
was to migrate the whole site to a SEQUENT DYNIX box, running Apache.  The reason why I was
asked to do the job, was because of my extensive knowledge as to the workings and configuration
of Apache on Linux.  The whole site was written in C, and as I had to recompile the site on
the new server, I started gaining knowledge of the methods of compiling, linking, etc.  After
some playing and some code writing, I got the hang of it.  The underlying language was obviously
the same, but the libraries, methods and functions differed in use and implementation.  As
I became proficient on the Dynix machine, understanding where to find what, and how to use
it, the doors started opening.  Immedietly I could transfer my knowledge to the Linux machine,
and I started to feel good.

Over the past few years, I have grown incredibly fond of the Apache Projects.  I always wanted
to start getting involved, and yesterday was the first time in my life that I felt a glimpse
of what I could do.  I long to become part of the development team that work on HTTPD.

This is my plea: Please answer these questions

  What are the requirements for me to become a part of the development team?
  In your eyes, what is the best route for me to follow to become acquainted with the current
HTTPD source?
  And, a bit more technical, where can I find a very good but free CVS client for windows?

If any person receiving this takes offense towards any means of communication that I introduce,
please throw it at me.  I have never even been part of a mailing list before, and, as with
any other internet communication service, I am sure that there is an amount of ettiquete involved.
 I am more that willing to adhere.

Kind regards
Johan van den Berg

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