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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: plog for log files?
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 12:25:45 GMT
"David Reid" <> writes:

> Having spent a long time looking at the FreeBSD problem, it finally came
> down to stderr being closed and the fd number being resused and causing the
> kernel to loop.
> It looks like the problem was that we close the sockets when we clean up the
> pconf pool, which is bad.  Using the plog pool doesn't result in the same
> problem as we open the log files just after the pool clear, thus keeping
> stderr pointing at something.

I saw something related to this a long time ago but didn't nail
it down so succinctly.  One day my regression tests started bombing on
FreeBSD 3.4.  I couldn't repeat the problem manually until I
duplicated the redirection of stdout and stderr as done by the testing.
I added --disable-threads to my configure invocation and it worked.

For your comments above, can you clarify which bad behavior is due to
FreeBSD bugs and which bad behavior is due to Apache doing stuff it
shouldn't be doing?

Is some level of FreeBSD so close to working with threaded Apache that
it makes sense to put in work-arounds?

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