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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: pool problems with HEAD??
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 03:54:44 GMT
After spending a number of hours on this, here is what I have learned:

. If you're going to test old code (e.g., checkout by date) to see if
  it exhibits a certain bad behavior that you have now, make sure you
  apply any patches after the magic date to fix known problems in
  that level.  Otherwise, you'll waste a lot of time :)  It helps
  to use an operating system where you can reliably get dumps, and
  it helps if you actually look at the ones you get to make sure the
  breakage is what you expect.

. "ulimit -n NNNN" is the way to bump up the file descriptor limit on
  some systems where it is too low :)

. If you *don't* do "ulimit -n", current code (worker MPM on Solaris, at
  least) will segfault like crazy.  This was easy to hit with my
  single-process worker configuration.

  I'll put something in the STATUS file for this.

. Current code will segfault (worker MPM on AIX and Solaris, at least)
  if you do apachectl graceful while banging on the server.

  I'll put something in the STATUS file for this.

. Current code (worker MPM on Linux, at least) will segfault like
  crazy if you turn on APR_POOL_DEBUG and add "-lefence " to the
  beginning of EXTRA_LIBS in (I guess this is the
  right way to use ElectricFence).

  I won't put anything in the STATUS file for this, though it is
  likely a problem with our code somewhere.  I was not successful in
  looking at a dump or capturing a segfault in gdb.

Unfortunately, I went looking for a probable pool-related problem that
somebody told me about and I kept hitting this stuff :(

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