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From "Sander Striker" <>
Subject RE: Members of
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 12:27:49 GMT
> From: Gunter Knauf []

Hi Gunter,
>> if you don't get feedback, ask why and if nobody answers or somebody
>> says the change isn't appropriate make sure you understand why (but
>> sometimes there is no good reason...  collectively we're not perfect
>> communicators I'm afraid)

> --- HIER BEGINNT DIE WEITERGELEITETE NACHRICHT ------------------------------
>     Von: (Guenter Knauf)
>   Datum: 14.01.2002, 13:26:35
> Betreff: mark Documentroot in httpd.conf
> Hi,
> some others and I would like to have the DocumentRoot marked:
> - DocumentRoot "@@ServerRoot@@/htdocs"
> + DocumentRoot "@@DocumentRoot@@"
> and:
> - <Directory "@@ServerRoot@@/htdocs">
> + <Directory "@@DocumentRoot@@">
> so that we can replace the complete path to the document root by script.
> can we change this?
> --- ENDE DER WEITERGELEITETEN NACHRICHT--------------------------------------
> according to your suggestions I ask now: why I get no feedback? 
> Not even a 'NO - not accepted'; simply nothing...

This is mainly because everyone is also extremely busy.  And,
on top of that, everyone works in their own area of interest.
When a patch doesn't get feedback within a reasonable amount of
time, simply repost it, stating that it is a repost meant as
a simple reminder that it is there.

To give you some feedback: personally I think there might be
a point in your suggestion to moving to @@DocumentRoot@@.

> Guenter.


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