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From Christian Gross <>
Subject Re: SOAP and Error 500
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 10:12:51 GMT
At 14:23 07/01/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>On Mon, Jan 07, 2002 at 11:11:06PM +0100, Christian Gross wrote:
> > I have been building a SOAP Wrapper module for Apache 2.0.  When an error
> > occurs within the SOAP call a SOAP specific error message is generated.
> >
>500 is not a reasonable error to return.  You can define a custom response
>code or have the handler bypass HTTP by sending the raw response and
>returning DONE.

Ok,  ick....

> > How is it possible to not make Apache go into the default error handling
> > mechanism?  Or am I missing something really obvious?
>SOAP 1.2 is not HTTP compliant.  Not really helpful, but now you know why
>it is a bad idea.

Yeah, but SOAP is becoming something people want.  I am right now creating 
a multi-stage XML parser that converts an HTTP request into a SOAP 
request.  And this error stuff is driving me a bit bonkers.

So now there is another question.  By default Apache has the main HTTP 
handling infra-structure.  Are you saying that I should bypass all of this 
and put the SOAP stuff at a very low level?  Because that actually does 
sound pretty good...  That way I am in charge of all the main 
handling?  More performance...  Wow that would be a kicker if Apache + SOAP 
kicked MS butt...


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