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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: daedalus httpd is upset
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 22:44:38 GMT
Manoj Kasichainula wrote:
> daedalus's httpd is only occasionally answering requests. Something
> weeeird is going on with it.

I noticed it was sluggish earlier, but figured it was my socks server.  

> pstree for httpd looks like:
> init-+-cron
>      |-cvsupd
>      |-9*[getty]
>      |-64*[httpd]
> It looks like the parent process died.

yep, good eyes.  That would make it hard for it to start new children, hence the
sluggish response.  I don't see a coredump; I hope we've got something in the

> Also, truss sometimes hangs, sometimes records successful requests,
> and sometimes produces sendfile errors:
> sendfile(0x9,0x8,0x1c8000,0x0,0x1d47ef,0xbfbfd35c,0xbfbfd354,0x0) ERR#35 'Resource temporarily
>  unavailable'
> sendfile(0x9,0x8,0x1c9000,0x0,0x1d37ef,0xbfbfd35c,0xbfbfd354,0x0) ERR#35 'Resource temporarily
>  unavailable'
> select(0x9,0x0,0xbfbfd29c,0x0,0xbfbfd294)        = 1 (0x1)

that's normal for truss when the client is doing a big download with a slow
modem.  hang == blocked in select() until the kernel has some space in the
socket buffers.  We do have a known problem where we do twice as many sendfile
calls as we need.

> I'll leave it alone for an hour or two and then restart it unless
> someone volunteers to investigate this.

I just bounced us back to 2_0_28.  Thanks for pointing this out, Manoj.


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