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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Location Walk question
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2002 20:40:06 GMT

I've got a problem and thought you guys could help.

the current method of handling a request is like:

* locationwalk
* translate_names
* map_to_storage
* locationwalk

I have a module which manipulates a URI and I set it in the translate 
name hook.  I also have other hooks in the same phase which I need to 
run as well.

with the following config

<Location />
	SetEnv A 1
<Location /i>
	SetEnv A 2

assuming a rule "move all  requests for /foo to /i/foo"
I can set the URI to make it /i/foo, but the problem is
  the directory config is NOT changed. forcing further
translate_name/map_to_stroage hooks seeing that A=1 not
A=2 as it should be.

I'm assuming the only way around this for a module developer
to re-run location-walk EVERY time he changes the URL.
is this right?

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