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From Stipe Tolj <>
Subject [PATCH] 1.3: changing accept mutex for Cygwin
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2002 22:45:02 GMT
Attached is a patch that fixes a bug for the accept mutex on the
Cygwin platform. The bug was reported by Sami Tikka
<> while trying to use multiple Listen directives.

We change the accept mutex from fcntl to pthread, which works even
with several Listen directives set in httpd.conf.

Here are the changes:

  * src/include/ap_config.h: adding HAVE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT to
Cygwin block and defaulting to it.

  * src/main/http_main.c: exluding pthread_mutexattr_setpshared() call
for Cygwin platform. This calls seems yet not fully functional on this
platform. Forwarding problem to Cygwin core developers.

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