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From Stipe Tolj <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] 1.3: introducing SHLIB_PREFIX_NAME for config and build process
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2002 21:20:45 GMT
This is a proposal in extending the 1.3 cvs tree to use
SHLIB_PREFIX_NAME as a macro for the shared library prefix name.
Currently this is hardcoded in any relevant file to "lib".

The attached file makes the use of SHLIB_PREFIX_NAME more flexible and
hence allows to set different prefix names for specific platforms.

Basicly the need for that was raised, while the Cygwin Group was
preparing the 1.3.22 package to be included in the official net
distribution. There we require to have a cyghttpd.dll instead of

Here are the changes:

  * Makefile.tmpl: added definition of SHLIB_PREFIX_NAME, similar to
SHLIB_SUFFIX_NAME. Changed the hardcoded references from

  * src/Configure: added default value SHLIB_PREFIX_NAME="lib". This
makes the previously hardcoded prefix the default if not overriden by
platform specific calls. Added line to export the macro value to
Makefile.config, so it gets included everywhere. Changed the Cygwin
platform specific block to use "cyg" as prefix.

  * src/Makefile.tmpl: once again changed hardcoded references from

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