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From Stipe Tolj <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] 1.3: further Cygwin platform support
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 09:37:12 GMT
Hi Martin,

> Sorry to be picky here.... (Slowly, you're beginning to convince
> me that the extra test for "! -f $src" is not worth the trouble
> of fighting against cygwin's stupidity)...
> Testing for [ ! -f "$src." ] is not the same thing
> as testing for [ ! -f "$src" ].

I know! -- somehow I have to trick the beast on Cygwin to get a clean
make install to copy the whole executables.

Should I add a uname case switch here to be on the same side?!
Or maybe a checking of env var $OSTYPE?!

Have you any other proposal for getting this *done*?

> And it is the latter which I was worried about:
> what happens if -on a unix platform- I happen
> to have a $src.exe in my directory? Yes, Apache will assume
> that my platform uses the .exe extension. And it will break.

That's true -- but, there is no Unix platform (at least currently)
that *build* httpd.exe  (or any other .exe extension executable), is

> But if it breaks on Cygwin, I am much less worried that when
> it breaks on unix, to be honest. So IMHO, it is cygwin that
> should be fixed so that it will allow us to make such a test.

I agree and I'll try to propose a change to that. But the stupidity
was introduced to demands the Cygwin folks had, so I'm not that eager
that the change will be done on that side very easily.

Wie wär's mit einem Treffen auf der CeBIT? Schätze werden einige von
uns da sein?!

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