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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject mutable DocumentRoot
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 18:38:50 GMT
hi all...

  with all this talk of changing DocumentRoot semantics, I wonder if I
might pose a question...

  has any thought been given to making DocumentRoot writable?  Or,
conversely, is there any reason _not_ to make DocumentRoot writable at
request time?

  that DocumentRoot is not a per-request attribute has been on my mind
lately - all FrontPage derivitaves require that DocumentRoot be
properly set, which means that stuff like mod_vhost_alias and other
similar mod_rewrite mass vhosting schemes require restarts and a
DocumentRoot addition each time a new vhost needs to be supported.

   a mutable DocumentRoot would mean I (and many other shops that need
to support FrontPage) could add vhosts at will without restarting the
server (at the cost of additional overhead, of course).  I could have
a considerably smaller httpd.conf, which is always nice.

  with mod_perl, we get this ability, but I'd love to have it in C in
order to speed things up.

  just curious...


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