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From Pavel Novy <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3/src/os/netware ApacheCore.imp
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 13:01:32 GMT
So, here is a patch to fix the issue with the GNU build attached. An 
essential part of NLM dump (unfixed) shows the problem:

  DATA:00012BA0 = config_log_module
  DATA:00012C20 = asis_module
  DATA:00012CA0 = imap_module
  DATA:00012DA0 = setenvif_module
  DATA:00013DF0 = ap_server_post_read_config
  DATA:00013E20 = ap_server_config_defines
  DATA:00013E60 = ap_coredump_dir
  DATA:00015E60 = ap_lock_fname
  DATA:00015E80 = ap_bind_address
  DATA:00015F60 = ap_server_pre_read_config
Data Size:               00013220 (     78368)

All records with offset outside of data size boundary are causing this:

  SERVER-5.00-1554: Invalid public record offset in load file.
  Module APACHEC.NLM NOT loaded

I'm using the ApacheCore.imp as export file when building apachec.nlm 
and suppose it's correct bahaviour...


P.S.: An enhancement of the nlmconv utility is much accurate than "fix", 
that's what I exactly meant.

Pavel Novy wrote:

> Tested those new changes on build with the GNU tools and it seems that 
> there is a problem with new ApacheCore.imp file. It's not a new one - a 
> nlmconv utility used here for NLM linking is not able to allocate a 
> physical space for uninitialized variables, so if any of such symbols is 
> exported (nlmconv doesn't produce any warning), it's not possible to 
> load a NLM module, then. The core module (apachec.nlm) is affected and 
> the only way to fix this is to change those uninitialized variables to 
> initialized (yes, we also could ask for fix in the nlmconv utility, but 
> it's much harder). I will take a look which variable(s) is(are) causing 
> this and will let you know.
> Pavel

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