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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject EAI_SYSTEM in apr_getaddrinfo()
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2002 09:01:32 GMT
In apr_sockaddr_info_get(), I see this:

        error = getaddrinfo(hostname, numptr, &hints, &ai_list);
        if (error) {
            if (error == EAI_SYSTEM) {
                return errno;
            else {
                /* issues with representing this with APR's error scheme:
                 * glibc uses negative values for these numbers, perhaps so
                 * they don't conflict with h_errno values...  Tru64 uses
                 * positive values which conflict with h_errno values
#if defined(NEGATIVE_EAI)
                error = -error;
                return error + APR_OS_START_EAIERR;

In my opinion, the "return errno" is wrong: EAI_SYSTEM is not of
type apr_status_t, so it should be handled just like any other EAI_
error code. Was there a special reason to treat it differently?

Cscope finds no reference to EAI_SYSTEM other than this one,
not in apr, nor in apr-util or httpd-2.0

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