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From Thomas Eibner <>
Subject Re: Tagging 1.3.23
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 21:47:06 GMT
On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 04:10:49PM -0500, Victor J. Orlikowski wrote:
> Problem found, but not resolved.
> Turns out that find-dbm-lib in helpers looks for ndbm.h in
> /usr/include/db1 on RH 7.  This is provided in the db1-devel package.
> However, gdbm-devel also provides a ndbm.h, in /usr/include/gdbm.
> The problem at hand: 
> We are going to have users who want to use mod_auth_dbm, and wonder
> why ndbm.h can't be found on their system when it's there, plain as
> day.
> 2 solutions:
> 1) Doc it up. Does the job, but not what I want.
> 2) Fix find-dbm-lib properly, so that it does "The Right Thing" and
> uses whatever dbm it finds.
> I prefer 2, but is it the right thing for 1.3.23 (I would hope that
> thsi would not scrap it)?
> Issues: 
> Are there any GNU licensing issues with linking against gdbm? If so,
> solution 1 will do for now, since we will have to force the user to
> install db1-devel. However, find-dbm-lib has always felt like
> something of a hack to me. 

Moving around on the way that find-dbm-lib looks for the libs works for
me on my Debian box. Is this going to break something else?

  Thomas Eibner <> DnsZone <>
  mod_pointer <> 

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