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From Harrie Hazewinkel <>
Subject Re: API for runtime httpd config ?
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 06:33:11 GMT
Sorry for a late reply.

--On Tuesday, January 8, 2002 11:09 PM +0200 Eli Marmor <> 

> ilker ARABACI wrote:
>> Is there any API used or on progress to get httpd global and
>> configuration values on runtime,
>> (not an httpd.conf file parser), something and more detailed like info
>> module does,
>> And also it would be more helpful to manuplate what will httpd  act as
>> without restarting nor reloading,
>> to keep the active (unrelated to changes)  sessions and connections up.
> Your questions raised a serious drawback of Apache: on-the-fly
> administration/configuration. In my humble opinion, it's even the main
> drawback of Apache (and the only thing that stands between Apache and
> perfection).

This is indeed correct. However, I have done some things with this
by means of an SNMP module. This is a module (only 1.3) that
allows you to manipulate some values directly without restarts.
The only drawback is that you need to 'patch' the Apache core
in order to get this done.

This SNMP module can be found at

> This is why the "revolution" will never happen, so your questions will
> remain unanswerred forever.

Maybe true, but there are ways around this.
But it is also sad that people think this way.

Harrie Hazewinkel
SNMP Engineer    Covalent Technologies, Inc.
645 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA - 94105
tel: +1-415-536-95221   fax: +1-415-536-5210 

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