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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0 Win32 httpdlib static modules
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 19:17:14 GMT
From: "Mladen Turk" <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2002 12:22 PM

> There is SDK util called bind which purpose is to bypass the indirect DLL
> function lookups. There is also an API call BindImage(Ex), but it requires
> SDK. IMHO that can be called after the install, and it will reduce the
> Import Addres Table lookups not only for the modules but for the msvcrt.dll,
> etc... The dll that is used for that is IMAGEHLP.DLL, and I'll try to
> investigate that if that's OK with you guys.

What I've seen of the rebinder is that it simply stacks all modules from
you baseaddr downwards (or upwards) and really doesn't save you linkage.

We don't want to be late binding [incur the pain at startup, not in a running
server], so I don't expect rebinding to accomplish a thing.

The big headache is the module may _still_ incur a relocation, if someone has
gone and build a module with an 'inappropriate' base address.

BindImage would be cool as an external to fix up all the 3rd party cruft that
has been dropped onto the server, but that's the extent of it that I can see.


p.s. amusingly, for all the things it does poorly, the windows MSI schema
allows you to rebind up all your dlls.  This is actually kind of cool for
rebinding to the target machine's msvcrt, kernel32, etc, I imagine it does
improve startup marginally.  Have not played with it, just thought I'd
point it out.  Still wouldn't solve the 3p module issue.

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