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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Time to tag (was Re: [PROPOSAL] apr_shm_t, a new shared memory API to replace old)
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 22:30:15 GMT

> On Mon, Jan 07, 2002 at 01:55:05PM -0800, Aaron Bannert wrote:
> > Do I have any support for a tag right now?
> +1.
> My only concern is that we're changing lots of APIs between betas.
> I don't know if that is an overall concern or not.  (I know David
> has brought up this issue before.)
> I'd expect the following things to change in the .30->.31 cycle:
> - Bucket freelist code (Cliff)
> - shmem (Aaron)
> - input filtering rewrite to do ap_getline cleanly (Justin)
> - random api to support all platforms (Justin)
> That's off the top of my head of planned things.  Who knows about
> unknown things.  The first three may require changes to third-party
> modules.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  -- justin

Good points. Consider this though... we have not released a 2.0 beta yet that included
prebuilt binaries. binbuild was seriously broken in 2.0.28, so much so, that it was not
feasible to build binaries. I would not be against tagging but holding off going for a
beta if we can get the four things on your short list completed in a reasonable amount of
time. We gotta get 2.0 out in the hands of more people and the sooner the better. My $.02.


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