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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Parent death should force children suttee
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 21:01:43 GMT

> Any important site that relies on uptime -should- have some thought
> already put into it.  If something fails, some procedure immediately
> takes steps to fix it, i.e. a watchdog that restarts apache.


> If you don't have something like this in place and you are relying so
> heavily on uptime, you are foolishly dancing on the edge of the cliff.

> I vote for doing The Right Thing.  It isn't very hard to restart apache.
>  But I do recommend a N second delay or some method to gracefully
> terminate as many connections as possible so the world doesn't see any
> problems.
> David

Okay, Uncle! I know when I've been bested :-)

If this change is made, it should have flashing lights attached to it in the CHANGES file.
There may be people relying on this "feechur" without much thinking about it. Yea, you can
say they deserve what they get if this is their only line of defense, but good people make
mistakes occasionally. And Apache has an good track record for reliability and robstness,
so some folks may just take it for granted.


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