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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: S_L_U_A for worker MPM?
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 14:05:45 GMT

> The easiest way to remove the S_L_U_A from the worker MPM is to remove all
> signals from the MPM.


> Basically, we have a single thread that currently
> sits in sigwait, which is just waiting for a signal.  We then have every
> other thread sitting in accept waiting for something to wake them up,
> either a real connection or a fake one for the POD.  It makes a lot of
> sense to make the parent process always use the POD for all
> communication.  If this happens, then the thread sitting in sigwait could
> easily just sit in poll waiting for data from the parent.  If it gets a !,
> then the process should just die, if it gets a #, then it should perform a
> graceful (The chars don't matter, just the idea).  Since the thread in
> poll() is always the main thread, it is just fine to just call exit to
> terminate the process immediately.

Perhaps not fine to just call exit on a shutdown. I think Linux (at least some kernel
levels) has a serious problem with letting the main thread die w/o killing off the other
threads in the process first. If you let the main thread exit before allowing the other
threads to exit, you end up with a hosed process that doesn't go away. I presume this is a
bug in the Linux pthread implementation...


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