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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: KeepAlive server troubles
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 13:47:42 GMT
"Pavel S. Vasilets" <> writes:

> When I implement my plug-ins i encounter one trouble under Solaris.
> Client (browser) open connection to the server Apache-1.3.22
> and send first request: "GET  <my_url> HTTP/1.1"
> Server child process my request, generate response and wait new
> request, but second request: "POST <my_url> > HTTP/1.1 <data>"
> processing other server child - not first. I needed to transmit 
> server data state from first child to the second and after that 
> process second request. Can I create main for all my request structure?
> Or can server process more than one request inside one child memory space?

With Apache 1.3, a particular server process ("child memory space")
can process only one connection at a time.

If you have state to be maintained and shared among all server
processes, consider using shared memory.

Even using a threaded model in Apache 2.0, the normal situation is to
have multiple server processes each with many threads, so it will
still be important to deal with sharing memory across processes.

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