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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] allow MPM to change HARD_SERVER_LIMIT/HARD_THREAD_LIMIT at startup
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 04:30:44 GMT
Ryan Bloom <> writes:

> I'm missing something major here.  This patch doesn't remove the dependence
> on HARD_SERVER_LIMIT and HARD_THREAD_LIMIT, it just hides the actual
> macros.  The dependence is still there, but it is queried through the ap_mpm_query
> function.  In fact, you are computing the size of the scoreboard based on those
> values.

Yep.  The missing piece is a way for an MPM to return something
dynamically-configured from the mpm query function, instead of just
returning HARD_SERVER_LIMIT/HARD_THREAD_LIMIT.  As I mentioned in the
brief description, I didn't want to clutter expected discussions of
the user interface for setting those values with the bulk of the code.

What I meant from the subject line is that with this patch an MPM can
*choose* to implement softer limits for servers and threads.  In other
words, with this patch the core code now gives an MPM the power to
allow the admin to set those limits at startup.  How we choose to do
that with our own beloved MPMs remains to be seen.

I would doubt that prefork would bother with it since it doesn't take
so much scoreboard storage to support a wide range of values for
MaxClients, and so prefork.c would continue to use the 

I'd think that both perchild and worker would benefit from it.  I
dunno about other MPMs.

> Having said that, the changes to mod_status are all goodness, and I would
> encourage those to be committed immediately, even without the other stuff. 
> This has been on my list for a while, but I kept forgetting about
> it.

I'll do that shortly.

> I would appreciate an explanation of how this removes the H_S_L and H_T_L
> dependance though.

easy explanation: that capability isn't here (yet)

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