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From <>
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 17:57:37 GMT
Hi -

I noticed that AP_CHILD_THREAD_FROM_ID was removed from the prefork
mpm_default.h a couple of days ago - was that a mistake?  Or is this macro
no longer available to module writers?  It is defined for beos and in
perchild.c, but nowhere else (and not used either).

Any one have some pointers?  Is there a replacement?

thanks a bunch


p.s. the only other reference i found to this macro was in protocol.c
(ifdefed out) and has been there since at least last february when
revision history begins:

#if 0
/* XXX If we want to keep track of the Method, the protocol module should do
 * it.  That support isn't in the scoreboard yet.  Hopefully next week
 * sometime.   rbb */
    ap_update_connection_status(AP_CHILD_THREAD_FROM_ID(conn->id), "Method", r->method);

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