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From "Dave Seidel" <>
Subject RE: problem running 2.0.28 as Win2k service (was 2.0.18)
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2001 15:10:09 GMT
More info:

I just installed the official 2.0.28 msi installer, and (of course) put it
into a different directory from the one into which I installed the 2.0.28
binary I built myself.  The httpd.conf configuration is identical except for
Listen (7171 vs. 7070), the server name, and the directory locations.  The
service is configured (by default) to logon as the LocalSystem account, and
the install directory has the usual "full control for everyone" permissions
as inherited from the root directory, all of which is exactly the way I had
the locally-built version configured, at least initially.

Although the installer did *not* install the service, I did so using -k
install, then I fired up ApacheMonitor and started up the service from


So now my question is: what is the difference between the binaries I built
and the binaries ASF built, and why?  What exactly is causing the
service-based configuration to fail in my build, but not in the ASF build?
Since at least one other person has the same problem, there must be
something there.  I can't reply on the ASF-supplied binary, because I'm
developing something that will require a custom-built binary.

FYI, I did my local build using VC 6.0, using the InstallBin target in the
IDE, using all the project files as they came from the zip archive.

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From: Dave Seidel []
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 3:53 PM
Subject: RE: problem running 2.0.28 as Win2k service (was 2.0.18)

This is precisely the same as what I'm seeing, the only difference being
that I built from the 2.0.28 archive.

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From: Dwayne Miller []
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: problem running 2.0.28 as Win2k service (was 2.0.18)

I just compiled the latest CVS tree under Win32.  Runs fine when started
as a normal user from command line.  However, I see the following error
when trying to start the service as an administrator. I have installed
the service prior to this with no apparent errors (it appears in the
services manager).

D:\Apache2>bin\apache -k start -n Apache2
Starting the Apache2 service
[Tue Dec 11 15:32:33 2001] [crit] (23497)Overlapped I/O operation is in
  : Apache2: Failed to start the service process.

There are no errors in the log files
Using net start Apache2 simply reports that service could not start

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