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From "Brian Havard" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/server/mpm/worker mpm_default.h worker.c
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 16:49:00 GMT
On 19 Dec 2001 10:11:09 -0500, Jeff Trawick wrote:

>Jeff Trawick <> writes:
>> Greg Ames <> writes:
>> > > Hmmm... (2nd thoughts :) )
>> > > 
>> > > mpm_default.h exists so people can edit default settings in one nice
>> > > place...  it wasn't nice for me to move these things out of
>> > > mpm_defaults.h...  I'll move them back in there...   hopefully these
>> > > settings won't be abused by modules and instead modules will call
>> > > ap_mpm_query()
>> > 
>> > Of course we don't want admins editing .c files as a rule.  That would
>> > be a step backwards.  But if our goal is to put these params in the
>> > config file, we can live with the limits in the MPM .c files for a day
>> > or two.
>> okay, let's defer any possible movement at least until we see what
>> MPMs folks want to make smarter...
>At this point, prefork and worker don't even have something like
>HARD_SERVER_LIMIT/HARD_THRAD_LIMIT, FirstBill is going to do the same
>thing for the WinNT MPM, I will do the same thing for perchild once
>somebody gets the darn thing to compile/run, and I'll send a query in
>a minute to the maintainers of the other MPMs asking if they want
>a) to add the directives to their MPM themself, such that this issue
>   is moot
>b) they want me to move the defines for their MPM back to
>   mpm_default.h where other user-tunable MPM defines are (but for a
>   single-process multiple-thread MPM I would recommend *NOT* moving
>   HARD_SERVER_LIMIT back there :) )
>c) they want me to fix the log messages for their MPM that refer to
>   those defines so that they point to the right file to edit

I'm happy to get the OS/2 MPM fixed up with the directives when I get a bit
of time to spare. BTW, forget spmt_os2, it's defunct. I just haven't got
around to deleting it.

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