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From Sander Temme <>
Subject Re: reg* symbols in OS 10.1 libm???
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2001 19:00:22 GMT
> Thanks though!  All seems well again.  Of course, I had to modify the
> installed build script for the -flat-namespace cruft, but other than that,
> no problems {right}.

The -flat_namespace flag is best set inside ltconfig before the libtoolize
step. However, for the last two dev tools revisions Apple has not done this,
so to use the supplied libtool installation requires a patch to ltconfig:

--- /usr/share/libtool/ltconfig.bak     Tue Oct  2 17:53:33 2001
+++ /usr/share/libtool/ltconfig Wed Dec 12 22:30:16 2001
@@ -1372,7 +1372,7 @@
   darwin* | rhapsody*)
-    allow_undefined_flag='-undefined warning'
+    allow_undefined_flag='-undefined warning -flat_namespace'
     archive_cmds='$CC $(if test .$module = .yes; then echo -bundle; else
echo -dynamiclib; fi) $allow_undefined_flag -o $lib $libobjs $deplibs
     #archive_expsym_cmds="$archive_cmds"' && strip -s $export_symbols $lib'

I know Fred has filed this as a bug but apparently it hasn't drifted to the
surface yet at Apple.


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