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From Sander Temme <>
Subject Re: reg* symbols in OS 10.1 libm???
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2001 18:22:11 GMT
> After removing a duplicate ap_coredump_dir symbol - this is the error
> I'm left with on OSX building threaded [no such error on worker !?!]

You're breaking on those? I remember just seeing them as warnings. They are
symbol conflicts between the regular expression stuff in the Math library
(see regex(3)) and PCRE. Under normal circumstances, PCRE wins and we end up
actually using our own symbols. As long as there is no namespace protection
or two-level linking (which we shied away from earlier), we're stuck with
the existence of multiple symbols. From the man page of ld(1):

       When  creating  a  output file with the static link editor
       that links against dynamic libraries,  the  references  to
       symbols  in those libraries can be recorded at static link
       time to bind to a specific library  definition  (two-level
       namespace)  or  left  to be bound at execution time to the
       first library in the search order  of  the  program  (flat
       namespace).  A program, its dynamic libraries and its bun-
       dles may  each  be  either  two-level  or  flat  namespace
       images.  The dynamic linker will bind each image according
       to how it was built.

As far as I have taken the time to figure this out (AFAIHTTTTFTO?), the PCRE
library is linked statically into httpd, so its symbols don't have to be
satisfied at runtime. Feel free to shoot me down on this though.


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