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From Pavel Novy <>
Subject GNU build of Apache 2.0 for NetWare - httpd fixes
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 16:11:37 GMT
Brad, here are some additional fixes in httpd-2.0.

The first fix (config.c.patch) is related to a known issue caused by 
uninitialized variables - if such symbol is exported, invalid reference 
is stored in created a NLM file and it's then unworkable (a nlmconv 
utility used for link is not able to allocate a space for uninitialized 
data within the NLM module file). It's not the final list of unitialized 
variables needed to change to initialized, but it is sufficient in this 
stage of my work. Or do you have a better idea how to fix this issue? I 
didn't tested yet what happens when Watcom's compiler is used for link. 
Unfortunately I still have no makefile to build the Apache core module 
with Watcom - wmake is a bit lumpish and it's impossible to do such 
things like with the GNU make...

The second one: Please, don't use the backslashes and capitals within 
the #include directives - no problem in Win32 environments, but it 
causes problems when building with the GNU utilities on Linux.


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