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From Theo Schlossnagle <>
Subject Re: Tweaking for Alpha..
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2001 20:42:47 GMT

On Friday, December 14, 2001, at 11:57  AM, Greg Ames wrote:
>> Dec 13 17:10:03 kernel: httpd(21879): unaligned trap at 
>> 00000200012dcd00: 000003ffff9fdadc 2d 0
>> Dec 13 17:10:05 kernel: httpd(21922): unaligned trap at 
>> 00000200012dcd00: 000003ffff9fdadc 2d 0

I get these in perl all the time on my dual ev67 boxes.  I tracked it 
down a problem with liinking gcc binaries against CCC libs.  If you use 
the Compaq C Compiler (which marvelously faster than gcc in both 
compilation and the resulting binary) to create a binary (mysql/mysqld 
and all the supporting libraries) and then link against then with gcc 
(perl DBD::mysql), I find that I get traps all over the place.

The REALLY strange thing was that even with a few traps a second, the 
programs never misbehaved.  Now I compile everything with ccc (truly 
amazing peformance speed up).  Of course, I am not bold enough to try a 
Linux kernel compile with ccc.

You didn't make it clear that you were using Linux, and I just assumed 
from the format of you syslog messages.  If I am wrong, perhaps this 
message will be useful to someone else :-)

Theo Schlossnagle
1024D/82844984/95FD 30F1 489E 4613 F22E  491A 7E88 364C 8284 4984
2047R/33131B65/71 F7 95 64 49 76 5D BA  3D 90 B9 9F BE 27 24 E7

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