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From Aaron Bannert <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] call first post_config hook earlier
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2001 21:18:34 GMT
On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 02:46:16PM -0500, Greg Ames wrote:
> This patch lets modules easily verify the relationship between related config directives
> in the post_config hook.  The only core change is to make the first call to the
> post_config hook before the logs are open.  This allows modules to write error messages
> for bad configs to the console at startup time.  Any error messages generated during
> restarts go to the error log.
> I included a patch to prefork which compares ServerLimit and MaxClients to demonstrate
> use.  Notice how many lines of code it takes to deal with the physical order of the
> directives in the config file: zero.  I chose not to log the warnings to the error_log
> file during the second config pass at startup to keep the logging behavior the same as
> current code, but you certainly could log in the second pass if you want a more permanent
> record.

+1 in concept. I'll even volunteer to bring worker up to speed once
this is applied.


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