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From Paul Lindner <>
Subject overriding portions of the http protocol?
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2001 19:52:03 GMT


I'm playing with Apache 2.0's multiprotocol features.  I'm
starting by porting the old U of MN gopher server code to work
as a module.  I'm using the ap_hook_process_connection()
function to call my own routines.

This seems like it will work just fine.

However, I was wondering if I could leverage the request
phases that Apache normally uses to gain per-directory
configuration instead of using the built-in gopher
configuration commands.  Basically I just want to override
the request and header processing with my own code.

Could I generate my own request_req and process it, much
like ap_process_http_connnection() works?  I suspect if I
set the assbackwards flag I'd get the desired behavior..

Thanks in advance..

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