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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Async I/O question?
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 20:27:27 GMT
How would an async I/O MPM handle a flush bucket?

What I'm missing is that you may not always migrate the thread
when doing an I/O because the non-I/O thread may still have
stuff to write.

In Dean's descriptions of his ASH MPM (again, I may be missing 
something), he talked about how the thread desiring I/O would 
hand-off the request to the I/O thread and return to the idle 
state - the assumption is that the request is complete.  But,
making an I/O call doesn't mean that it is completed.

Yet, that's the only clean way I can see how to handle this 
migration - because I don't see a way to resume the exact thread 
context in a clean way.  (What I think we would need if we don't 
have a single thread per request is to supply a post I/O
function that the I/O layer can indicate that a non-I/O thread
should call when I/O is complete - pure event-based programming.)

I guess I'm thinking of something like a proxy server application
where we don't necessarily have all of the data up front - we may
only have snippets of the data (because the origin server hasn't
finished writing everything, but we have a partial response) - so 
write them out and flush as we get data.  This seems valid under 
the 2.0 filter semantics.  And, I'll argue that we must allow 
modules to call for a flush.  -- justin

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