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From "Pavel S. Vasilets" <>
Subject KeepAlive server troubles
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 13:31:35 GMT

Hi.Sorry for my english.

When I implement my plug-ins i encounter one trouble under Solaris.

Client (browser) open connection to the server Apache-1.3.22
and send first request: "GET  <my_url> HTTP/1.1"
Server child process my request, generate response and wait new
request, but second request: "POST <my_url> > HTTP/1.1 <data>"
processing other server child - not first. I needed to transmit 
server data state from first child to the second and after that 
process second request. Can I create main for all my request structure?
Or can server process more than one request inside one child memory space?

1)my_client------->GET.... ----->child{0}


3)my_client------->POST.... ----->child{0} - i need it
3)my_client------->POST.... ----->child{1} - really work
(but child{0} and child{1} havenot common memory space)



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