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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [patch] mod_dir refactored... needs discussion
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2001 10:14:51 GMT
Looking deeply into the issues of redirection, it really struck me
some time ago, why do we abuse the schema with ap_internal_fast_redirect()?

I've gotten used to the idea of mod_negotation calling that function, it
was just recently fixed (_redirect, not negotiation.)  The error in multiviews
is that the subrequest doesn't include the path_info and uri up front, in order
to [entirely] correctly process the language-specific request.  [You can't
just 'tack it on' - this patch to mod_dir illustrates the right approach.]
Now I begin to wonder, if we created a fast_redirect method for mod_negotation, 
why on earth shouldn't mod_dir follow the same convention?

Here's a patch - heavily refactored.  It merits discussion.  I expect it 
could break things, but I postponed it outside of the type_checker phase just 
to ensure that other fixups got first crack at alternative presentations.



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