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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Eliminate HARD_THREAD_LIMIT on Windows
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2001 20:51:14 GMT
> From: "Jeff Trawick" <>
> Sent: Saturday, December 22, 2001 6:57 AM
> > "Bill Stoddard" <> writes:
> >
> > > So I says to myself, "self, why introduce the ThreadLimit directive when the
scoreboard on
> > > Windows is not shared between processes, ever?". So here is a patch: the scoreboard
> > > always allocated to be exactly big enough for ThreadsPerChild entries. And
it can
grow or
> > > shrink across restarts because the scoreboard is never shared across processes.
> > > I think o this sooner? It's late so posting a patch rather than committing
> >
> > it makes sense to me, but what do I know about the NT MPM?  (answer:
> > almost nothing)... but it either works or it doesn't, so commit it
> > already if it does
> No... thanks for taking the time to post the patch, Bill!  Since it would
> interfere with moving the WinNT port twords a more scaleable solution, I'm
> glad to have a chance to comment, instead of asking for the code to be
> reverted.
> On your other [earlier] always-single-process patch, it's just as well
> that we simplified the MPM first, so that making the code more APR-based
> [first!] became a more trivial task :)

Your welcome ! A thought or two worthy of consideration...

We would be best served by having an event driven/async MPM for scalability rather than
pursuing the thread-per-connection model.

Getting two (or more) Windows processes accepting connections off the same listening
socket is certainly possible, but the cross process mutex that will be required to
serialize the accepts will likely be a performance killer.  What works well on Unix
probably will not be optimal on Windows. I could probably work something up in an hour or

> Bill

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