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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: Some patches to start supporting AS/400 (iSeries)
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 13:02:25 GMT
"Gomez Henri" <> writes:

> The account is a generic accound which let

the use of that account isn't a problem... we just wondered who sent
the patch :)

> What do you think of the patches ? I know that IBM allready
> do the Apache 2.0 port from Apache 2.0beta18, and it works
> fine on AS/400, but since the IBM fellows port was not donated
> to ASF, to be included in standard distro, I decided to spend 
> a little time to works on that port. 

they're small, and that's nice...  they looked weird in the mail
client I was using though...

as far as the AS/400 folks...  they have sent their changes to folks
in my department at IBM (who are more in the mainstream Apache
development)...  frankly, I found it far too much to digest at once
and have been too lazy^H^H^H^Hbusy to do anything with it

also, they've posted some fixes to dev@[apr|httpd]

> Yes it's stupid to duplicate works but I'd like to have the 
> original Apache 2.0 on my iSeries from the main source and
> repository, and not just to respect the OSS spirit of ASF.
> But, may be, some of you could try some lobbying on IBM officials
> and managers to commit the AS/400 patches back to original CVS
> for both APR and Apache 2.0

I don't think any lobbying is necessary.  They know it is in their
best interest.  But note that their code base is a lot older, with
many things changed since then.  Also, their goal was to get a stable,
tested product out in a particular timeframe, not go through the
political+technical minefield of getting patches committed.  The
results are surely different.

If you've made good progress towards getting current code ported to
AS/400, and you can post it in bite-sized chunks for us to understand,
then let's concentrate on that.

As I mentioned before, I'm curious about how far along you are.  If
you are at the state of APR recognizing that it is AS/400 but nothing
works, then I personally won't spend any time looking at the patches
until you're further along.  Others may take a different approach.

I hope this doesn't sound like any sort of gauntlet.  If we weren't
interested in your work we wouldn't have bothered commenting on your

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