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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: mod_auth_db
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2001 14:03:47 GMT
sterling <> writes:

> Hi -
> Right now you can compile mod_auth_dbm with AP_AUTH_DBM_USE_APR and it
> will use whatever dbm you've configured apr for.  It #defines dbm_open et.
> al. to apr_dbm_open, which is kind of lame.  It should probably be
> rewritten to simply just use apr_dbm for everything...
> If my understanding is correct, mod_auth_db was there to allow you
> to force berkeley db on platforms where it is not the default dbm..
> If thats the case, it should now be obsolete since you can compile
> mod_auth_dbm against whatever apr dbm backend you choose.

But you lose the run-time selection of the db flavor that having both
modules gives you...  As I understand it, in order to lose function,
apr-util needs to allow db type to be specified to apr_dbm_open(),
mod_auth_dbm needs way to find what the type should be (config
directive?  tell apr_dbm_open() to autodetect?), then mod_auth_db
becomes truly redundant.

(expecting sanity checking of this :) )

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