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From Michal Szymaniak <>
Subject Re: support for multiple tcp/udp ports
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 12:19:07 GMT


> If you look at the worker MPM, you will see that it actually adds a pipe
> to the listen_rec list, but it doesn't use a hook to do it.  Can you modify 
> your code to use the pre_mpm hook, and let me know if that works?  Even
> if it does, we may need a new hook, because the pre_mpm hook doesn't
> get called for graceful restarts.

I am not sure whether I understand how apache hooks are implemented,
After I looked at the only function using 'ap_hook_pre_mpm', 
ap_create_scoreboard, it seems that my handler also should take one pool
and one mysterious scoreboard switch as parameters. Don't you think
that it is a bit too little? I really miss the module configuration
or server_rec structure. Obviously, the former can be stored somewhere
on module-global structures (and copied there by post_config hook),
but I still could not find a way to get to server_rec (can I do the same,
as for module config? is the server_rec alive through all the time
the apache works?) . Generally, all ap_hook_pre_mpm looks like it
was created only for managing scoreboard (it is not even documented

Because of above problems, I didn't yet checked whether pre_mpm will do
the job. But if the interface for ap_hook_pre_mpm is as described above,
it doesn't seem to be very convenient..

Kind regards,
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