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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject core output filter buffering
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 23:23:47 GMT
can someone explain how the core output buffering is supposed to work?
if you look at
this intentionally creates a brigade with just one bucket and calls
ap_pass_brigade with that bucket.  you can make a request like so:
which means use a buffer size of 1024 bytes and send 500k total.
with the patch below for tracing i see this in the error_log:
writev 15543 bytes
writev 16384 bytes
writev 10240 bytes
writev 8192 bytes
... a bunch of 8192's ...
writev 7456 bytes
writev 0 bytes

then with 8192,500000:
writev 41143 bytes
writev 8192 bytes
... a bunch of 8192's ...
writev 288 bytes
writev 0 bytes

is this the expected behavior?  reason i am asking is that mod_ssl pretty
much does what mod_test_pass_brigade.c does with 8192 size buffers.  i
have a patch in the works to optimize that, but want to make sure core
output filter is behaving as expected first.  i thought it would buffer
until it could fill AP_MIN_BYTES_TO_WRITE * MAX_IOVEC_TO_WRITE.  but then
again, i guess there is a reason it doesn't, since the OLD_WRITE filter
does its own buffering.  insight greatly appreciated, thanks.

i realize the answer is probably buried in the archives, maybe somebody
wants to write a documented summary?

--- server/core.c       2001/11/19 22:36:20     1.100
+++ server/core.c       2001/11/20 22:52:56
@@ -3201,7 +3201,7 @@
         else {
             apr_size_t unused_bytes_sent;
+            fprintf(stderr, "writev %d bytes\n", nbytes);
             rv = writev_it_all(net->client_socket, 
                                vec, nvec, 
                                nbytes, &unused_bytes_sent);

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