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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject Re: [patch] major ssl problem
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2001 04:48:05 GMT
On Fri, 23 Nov 2001, Doug MacEachern wrote:

> the problem is that when 'bucket' is a file bucket, len will be the size
> of the entire file.  so if the file is 200k, 500k, 10Mb, 1Gb, etc., there

Actually, that's not exactly true.  If APR_HAS_MMAP, and the file bucket
is between MMAP_THRESHOLD and MMAP_LIMIT (MMAP_LIMIT is 4MB by default),
then yes, len will be up to 4MB.  But if the file bucket is bigger than
4MB or the system doesn't have MMAP, then len will *never* be bigger than

I don't know if that affects any of the decisions in the patch (which I
haven't finished looking at), but it was worth mentioning.


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