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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject RE: 2.0.29? (Re: apparent mod_cgid bug Re: Two apache/2.0.29-dev problems)
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2001 19:21:29 GMT

> From: Cliff Woolley []

> IMO, it'd be better to tag 2.0.29 right now with a pretty stable tree
> that's by all accounts better than 2.0.28.  It's that or get bug reports
> for the next n weeks about things we've already fixed.  Just a thought.

I can't argue with that, except to point out that we've been saying exactly
that for every release attempt for months.  So why not release 2.0.28, tag
2.0.29, and release that if it turns out okay.  A release every other day is
better than no release for months.

Of course, someone needs to do the actual work of roll+release, which is
obviously non-trivial.  Since I can't volunteer to do it myself at the
moment, I'll just shut up ;-)


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