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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject RE: mod_ssl doc
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 16:07:14 GMT

> From: Bill Stoddard []

> Sounds reasonable. It's worth mentioning that the format of
> Ralf's SSL doc is quite
> different from the format of the rest of the Apache
> documentation. I see no compelling
> reasons to be consistent here.

In a perfect world, the docs would all look the same.  But until we have a
better system for handling that, I don't see a good reason to strip all the
formating out of Ralf's carefully designed (and pretty nice looking) docs.

Perhaps once you dump the stuff in I will look at redoing the reference part
so that it fits more into the apache module docs.  (This is the place that
we have the most structure already, and where it would be most confusing to
the user if things are not where they expect.)  But the rest of it can stay
pretty much as is.


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