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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Apache 2.0.27 and 2.0.28 RPM available
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 21:32:20 GMT
>I've committed the change to use @sbindir@ in apxs.

Good !

>apachectl is a much harder beast as we have to get rid of the 
>$(exec_prefix) crap in (sbindir=$(exec_prefix)/bin - 
>we can't have the ()s in there).  For some reason, I think that is 
>what the Debian folks posted as a sed script.  Daniel?  I don't
>have the time to do this right now.

>For PIDFILE, you meant @runtimedir@, didn't you?  But, it has
>the same problem as @sbindir@.

Could we assume work in progress ?

>I also won't change httpd-std.conf as we want them to explicitly
>run apachectl startssl which defines SSL (what you'd really want to 
>change is ssl-std.conf anyway not httpd-std.conf - that check there 
>is right - if you change define SSL to define HAVE_SSL you have the
>right idea).  FWIW, I think it should be enabled if it is compiled
>in, but no one else agrees with me.  =)

The redhat httpd.init is interesting and automatically detect
modules in /usr/lib/apache/ and add the -DHAVE_XXX at httpd.
Just attached for review :)

Having SSL automatically started with no certificate or
dummy one, could be a problem, and I understand your friends in
that case :)

>> >>      - update apxs to let user use it's own installed 
>> >libtool instead of
>> >>        the one in $prefix/build.
>> >
>> >Check.
>No.  We want to be picky with our libtool version - the version we 
>built with (i.e. in build/) is the one want to use with 
>apxs-enabled builds.

The problem is with $prefix. Everything works fine when you
have everything under /usr/local/apache2 for example but when
you try to follow FHS (FreeBSD, Linux), you're stucked. 
Should $prefix/build be under /etc/httpd2/, /usr/lib/apache2/,
or /usr/share/apache2/ ? Since it include exec and config, I
feel it should be in /usr/share/apache2/ but I'd like to see
other FHS gurus opinion

>Commented on this yesterday.  I don't like this.


>> >>      - have httpd-std.conf supporting datadir and config.layout.
>> >>        For example, htdocs location in conf file, still 
>> >didn't follow what
>> >> has
>> >>        been set in config.layout.
>> >
>> >Hm, I just have a very minimalistic apache2.conf that I distribute,
>> >users can make changes in httpd.conf (simplifies packaging).
>> Do you put your own copy of apache2.conf (we're using httpd2.conf) or
>> do you put a patched version from distro ? The latest release expand
>> nicely with @@LoadModule@@, and I'd like if they could add a 
>> to make <IfModule xxx> works.
>Can you please give an example of what you want?

The @@LoadModule@@ is expended with all LoadModule xxx, it will
be fine to have @@AddModule@@ which will expend :

AddModule mod_vhost_alias.c
AddModule mod_env.c
AddModule mod_log_config.c

Not deprecated in Apache 2.0 ?

>> >>      The general goal is to try to have Apache 2.0 more 
>FHS compliant
>> >> without having 
>> >>      to make huge patchs (or perl replace) at each release ;)
>> >
>> >Well, my package manages to fit into Debian FHS, and only has 
>> >11 patches
>> >all up.
>> FYI, here is a part of what should be patched or change via 
>perl to make
>> apache 2 fit better on FHS from my spec file :
><snip, snip>
>I have no clue what this is.  =)  Please explain.

perl is just used to change the httpd.conf/ssl.conf to
match FHSied DocumentRoot (/var/www2/error/, /var/www2/cgi/,
/var/www2/html/, /var/www2/manual/)

>> I've got some questions for Apache2 developpers :
>> What prefix represent, a basedir for conf, or binary,
>> or data ?
>I would say binary, but it is all relative to the layout.
>> Should I set $prefix to /etc/httpd2 instead of /usr ?
>I don't think so.
>> If may fit better with my layout where ALL config,
>> and particulary the one for build subdir live in /etc/httpd2/
>We *should* respect sysconfdir - then all of config stuff goes
>into /etc/httpd2.  I guess you could make a case that build is
>part of the sysconfdir, but I'm not so sure - none of it is
>user-configurable.  It's a different beast.  -- justin

As I said our friends Pier and JF Clere included $prefix/
in mod_jk and mod_webapp and I was wondering if it's needed or required.

When you have prefix = /usr and in /etc/httpd2/build 
make process failed !!!!

I attached also the from mod_jk :)


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