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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Reporting on Patches of FreeBSD ports (fwd)
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 20:58:49 GMT
I saw we have similar same problems.

I'm working on Apache 2.0 RPM (on Redhat boxes)

So I try to have it more 'FHS' compatible, and
so it's a pain since many parts in conf/build
process still assume that everything is under $prefix.

Some others points :

- It could be fine also to add --with-ssl-port 

- is installed under $prefix/build
  whereas I'd like to put it on /usr/lib/apache2
  (which could be libexecdir). 
  apxs could be extended to report
  path via a query like : apxs -q CONFIG_VARS.MK

I'm +1000 with httpd installed on sbindir instead
of bindir, which is a general policy for unix daemons.

>From: Hye Shik Chang <>
>Subject: Reporting on Patches of FreeBSD ports
> I'm FreeBSD port maintainer of Apache2.
> I heard that some apache developers want to get a upstream from
> package distribution maintainers.
> This is local patch list of apache 2.0.28 port:
> . config.layout
>   - Apache2's configure script can't handle external layout file.
>     (apache13 can handle custom layoutfile with 
> .
>   - It uses hardcoded path instead of $libexecdir on making 
>   - and, uses hardcoded path on Installing manual, too.
>   - Somebody want not to install manual. Can't it be optional?
> . configure
>   - building & installing srclib/apr and srclib/apr-util is earlier
>     than loading layout. therefore, apr and apr-util ignores layout.
>     DOCUMENT_LOCATION doesn't uses hardcoded path instead of 
>layout path.
> . docs/conf/httpd-std.conf, ssl-std.conf
>   - doesn't templates layout on many lines.
> . support/
>   - PIDFILE ignores runtimedir on layout
>   - HTTPD ignores sbindir on layout
> You can see FreeBSD ports patch on
 Cheers! :)


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